Monday, October 30, 2006

Music Ace Provides the Outline for a Music (Technology) Curriculum

Are you looking for a curriculum that you can use for a Music Technology class? Look no further than Music Ace by Harmonic Vision. This excellent software series provides lessons and games in music theory starting with the basics (staff and clef names) and proceeds sequentially to key signatures and rhythm.

Music Ace 1 and Music Ace 2 used to be separate programs but they can now be purchased together in one program called Music Ace Maestro. You can:

  • create, manage, and customize the instructional lesson sequence
  • import assessment data from earlier Music Ace or Music Ace 2 installation
  • centralize management of student and group instructions options
  • export assessment data in industry-standard format
  • archive student and group assessment data

If you have a MIDI Lab or are thinking of one, Music Ace can easily provide you with a basic curriculum as indicated above at a reasonable price.

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