Monday, March 19, 2007


For a year or so, I have struggled to find an appropriate podcasting forum.
As a public school teacher, potential podcasting topics are necessarily limited as would any audience for these topics (ie..general music concepts, beginning audio software tools, music notation applications). I have also shared my ambivalence about podcasting in an earlier post.

Another thorny issue is data storage. Audio files carry more data than basic text and image files, so they are megabyte hogs. So, finding a place to host podcasts is tricky.

Do you simply register a blog and link to each episode of your podcast? If so, where do you store the episodes? If you’re a teacher, you may not be granted permission to store large files on a school server. One solution would be to register a domain and pay for basic web hosting but I have found a solution that answers all of the questions above in PODOMATIC.

As a member of the Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME), I receive periodic newsletters on topics related to music, technology and education. The most recent newsletter recommended PODOMATIC for those of us seeking podcasting solutions.

Now that I have taken it for a test ride, I can recommend PODOMATIC with two thumbs up. Once registered, you can begin podcasting immediately. You also create a blog-like space where your episodes are stored. You can jazz up this space with images and colors of your own choosing and it is easy to add RSS site feeds to your site, so the Universe can subscribe to your podcast at the click of a button (iTunes is supported)! In addition, tagging is supported so that your podcast will eventually get picked up by search engines.

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