Saturday, February 23, 2008

What Can Smartmusic Do For You?

I have written about Smartmusic before. I'm not interested doing product endorsements but I do believe that Smartmusic represents the future of Music Education. I also believe it represents the answer to the problem of music education. The company that makes Smartmusic, MakeMusic, Inc. is reporting that Smartmusic subscriptions are on the rise. Nearly 90,000 subscriptions so far and growing.

Even before Smartmusic became widely available, I wrote an article called The Case for Technology in Music Education which was subsequently published in the Massachusetts Music News.

How is Smartmusic related to wider School/Education Goals?

  • Smartmusic is an assessment tool: Smartmusic uses data to drive learning and instruction.
  • Smartmusic stimulates intrinsic motivation. Students rely on their own feedback and desire to "get better" as they do with a video game. Students own their own learning this way.
  • Smartmusic encourages healthy competition. Students often make a game or competing against themselves--as athletes do during times of training.

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