Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to Share Your Music On The Web Legally

ipod_wideweb__470x340,2 I personally long for a day when music will be readily available in digital format without restrictions and without menacing copyright laws.  But, alas, we're still bound by antiquated rules as the battle between the RIAA and everyone continues. 

What do you do if you want to share music, though?  Maybe you're a blogger who wants to make a particular point and that point would be perfectly made with a specific song by, say, Madonna.  OK, poor example-still you get the point.  Maybe you're a budding musician just getting into the "online scene" and you want to upload some covers you've recorded just to get your talent out there. 


Anyone who has used pandora, or songza or even i-tunes knows what streaming music is: music that is streamed over the Internet without the ability to download.  Streaming is precisely the ticket for those of you looking to share but avoid breaking the law. 


To create streams of music, I like OVI for it's simplicity and embed options which means you can create small music players of your music within a website or blog.  A good example can be found here. To upload your music:

  • Create and account
  • Upload your music
  • Drag tunes you want to share into your Public Channel
  • Copy the embed code for songs you want to share.
  • Paste into your website or blog. 

That's it.  Now you're sharing your music legally and, with any luck you're gaining the kind of exposure you're looking for.

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