Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Music In Schools: The New Vision Part 1

Mr. Holland got canned as have so many real teachers after him.
It's becoming a classic American story..School District is short on funds.
Local Real Estate taxes can't support financial needs.
District cuts programs and teaching staff. The first to go=music and art staff.

I don't agree with these decisions..far from it.
But I am critical of music programs, in particular that haven't ventured beyond "Band", "Chorus" and "General Music".

Especially troubling is the term "General Music". With millions of students listening to music everyday using technology, if General Music doesn't look, smell and feel like music in the 'real world', students interest will wane (or will never have been present).

If you're still "pickin' up paw paws in the paw paw patch", get on the band wagon and learn what
Sony Acid or Garageband is all about. Then convince you school district to invest in the necessary technology to support learning music with those programs.

My bet is music class won't be so hard to cut anymore because
1-An investment was made
2-Technology is involved
3-It looks, smells and feels like the real world.

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