Friday, March 28, 2008

The Future of Music

Music and Technology have become irrevocably linked. Technology is used to create music, to perform music and to market music.

David Byrne already wrote a compelling summary of the music business pasty and present. More business and marketing folks, such as Seth Godin, have added their thoughts about the future of music.

He did a talk recently on the subject and what he has to say (as always) is fascinating and in my opinion right on. It's true: music is at once a business but it also inhabits a very personal and emotional space for all of us. And we know through educational research that learning takes place best when there are two things occurring at once:

1-Compelling new information
2-Some kind of emotional experience

Here's what Mr. Godin had to say on the subject and here is a book on the Future of Music.

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