Friday, March 28, 2008

My Music Tech Launches Podcast

My Music Tech launched it's podcast (March 28, 2008). The podcast will contain episodes about music education technology and will specifically feature podcasts by music students as they learn about various aspects of music, podcasting and digital audio technologies.

This podcast will be of benefit to school music teachers, technology teachers and anyone interested in learning the basics of podcasting and it's application in an educational setting.

Stay tuned for future episodes. You may subscribe to the podcast at i-tunes. Do a search for My Music Tech. Subscriptions to podcasts are free.

The website for direct links to the podcasts is at:


Sarah Hanawald said...

Hi Andrew,

Wow--you are doing some really cool stuff. I am going to point our music teacher your way. He is fabulously talented and really inspires students. I think he'd be interested in trying some of what you're doing and I know the kids would love it. Have you tried Animoto to turn some of your files into music videos? Right now, you can't play the results on ipods, just on iTunes, but we've had fun with it. They are giving away free education accounts that are active through August.

I'm going to subscribe to the podcast back at school too!

Sarah Hanawald said...

Just in case you didn't see my comment back to you on my blog:

I may be on a rampage, but I'm still selective ;)

Not only that--I Diigoed you too! So there!