Sunday, September 28, 2008

Share and Listen To Music Legally Without Being Social

While the battle between the RIAA and the People rages on, I have been lately trying to find useful ways to embed and stream music in a manner that will not allow distribution of the same music. Of course, social music sites such as LastFM allow this sort of thing but I find there is a limitation.

I'm not interested in "connecting with others" based on musical tastes. Sometimes, I want to embed and stream music to enhance a blog post. Sometimes (since I teach music), I want to provide an example of some musical style or genre.

This is where Seeqpod comes in. How easy it is to:
1-Search for music you're looking for
2-Copy code to embed
3-Embed the code into your webpage or blog.

The simplicity makes Seeqpod a real pleasure to use. Two thumbs up for not having to be social about it and for not having to "create an account" either.


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