Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stream Your Own Music With Twango

In the last post, I recommended Seeqpod as a useful tool to help you embed music on a webpage or in a blog. While there is plenty music to choose from there, Seeqpod can't help you embed your own music.

Which got me searching for ways to do this. It took half a day to discover (to me) an acceptable solution. I signed up for a half dozen accounts at as many sites claiming to offer this ability but there were always MAJOR flaws. The worst was the need for a particular program to upload your entire music library to an online database. Really? This could take literally take days given the size of some libraries.

What I discovered, so far thankfully, is Twango (now called OVI). Twango lets you do exactly what I wanted:
1-To upload a recording (one at a time or multiple files of you like)
2-To create a stream of each separate recording.
3-To provide embed options for websites and blogs.

For musicians in particular, who want to share their own music but want to limit downloads, I believe this service (which is free) is a gem.

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